Continuing our "worst job" stories..... Mike works for Rent-A-Center. Denture talk. High school fight stories. 


Editors note.... Now it's Libbies turn to be busted up. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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EP 10 Little Girls With Nasty Feet

More "worst jobs" talk including Dana selling shoes to diabetic customers, Mike nearly drowns in cow manure working for Mosquito Abatement; his brief stint as a child counselor at Families First; Rent-A-Center horror stories. Other topics include Libby faking being shot, Mikes broken hand and fat girl problems.

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The heroic trio keep it real with Insurance and Disabilty talk. Libby refuses to let her socks match. Neck Surgery? Science Fair cookies? Dana has a sad Science Fair story. Mike suffers from Stigmata after gruesome surgery by Dana.

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EP 8 A Dying Giant

Wondering why this wasn't posted on the first of the month? All answers lie within. (hint: that car accident messed me up worse than I thought). Also, Libby has a new job. The Homeopathy trial of century begins here. Radio Shack talk. Homeopathy arguing.

Hopefully I am back on track with updating episodes. New shows should pop up every Monday.

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