EP 15 Matts Bugger List

It's Matts turn in the hot seat as he lists off his top 5 five ladies and honorable mentions. 

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EP 14 Boys Night

In this all dude episode we get ready to celebrate Valentines day in style with our top five list of ladies we would bang rotten. Other talk includes energy drinks, beer, burlesque, dogs, and eating at the "Y".


Intro music by Kevin McLeod

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God save us all if Mike ever has kids.

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EP 12 Homeopathy on Trial

This is it true believers, the heroic trio finally get to the bottom of this Homeopathy stuff in a giant sized 1 hour plus mega-episode. Dana moderates, Mike for the prosecution and Libby for the defense. Enjoy hearing three funny people debate the most pressing issue of our times!

Editors note: Libby is still recovering from a bad thing and Dana is down with a gut-wrenching cold so a new episode won't pop up for two weeks to give 2/3's of the group time to mend.

PS My neck is still broken.

PSS This podcast may be cursed......

-Mike (your friend)

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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