So I've had to put the show on hiatus while I help out a family friend deal with a bone marrow transplant. Basically, all the T-Cells were killed and he has to stay quarantined for 4-6 months so I'm taking care of things on the other side of the wall.

I don't think a show can survive and grow on Itunes after that much time away so when I get my life back I'll probably start something new, though at this point I don't know exactly what.

My hobo book "The Hobo Who Couldn't Catch a Train" is doing well so thanks to all my listeners who also picked up mu book. My next book is a superhero/War of the Worlds mashup called "Kneel Before Mars". I'm hoping to have that out by November 10th 2016. I'm doing the final edits right now.

I wanted to thank all my co-hosts and guests. Everybody always gave 100%; I'll appreciate that forever. I also wanted to thank all the people who took time out of their busy lives to spend some time with us, as busy as this world is it can be a real sacrifice to free up an hour or so, so thanks again!


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A stand-alone chapter from The Graveyard Book, read by Dana

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A classic tale about bratty kids.

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This Halloween tale was written by Colin for the show. Enjoy!

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The annual tradition of analyzing the amazing horror flash fiction of Mark Rich begins here.

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Our Halloween preshow includes dramatic readings of some homemade erotic literature designed to ruin young people.

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