The heroic trio keep it real with Insurance and Disabilty talk. Libby refuses to let her socks match. Neck Surgery? Science Fair cookies? Dana has a sad Science Fair story. Mike suffers from Stigmata after gruesome surgery by Dana.

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EP 8 A Dying Giant

Wondering why this wasn't posted on the first of the month? All answers lie within. (hint: that car accident messed me up worse than I thought). Also, Libby has a new job. The Homeopathy trial of century begins here. Radio Shack talk. Homeopathy arguing.

Hopefully I am back on track with updating episodes. New shows should pop up every Monday.

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So what's coming up next?

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"Shooting like a mommy"! The Sacramento catacombs. Sleep paralysis. The rock of male bonding. God or Cthulhu listens in...

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Matt, warden at the monkey house. A scary little man terrifies Mike. Worm talk. Big pig ball talk. Lusty sheep tales. Ronald Reagan induces patriotic boner.

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Libby's mom haunts Christina Ricci. How to pass a drug test. The secret lives of truck drivers. Uncle Gil dies. Where's Beliz?

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We continue our discussion of movies. Other topics include female anatomy (women have more holes in them than swiss cheese apparently), corn mazes, mens butts vs womens butts, pig breeding, Libby's giant mormon family, LSD, DARE, ALS.

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To loosen our tongues we're discussing our favorite Halloween movies. Other topics include Real Dolls, southern medicine, Hayward, East Oakland, proper pronunciation of Sam Hain, and Andre the Giant (Frances' greatest export).

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Welcome to our first episode! 

So what is Terrible Tales Truthfully Told?

It's a storytelling podcast staring Libby, Dana and myself. We tell stories about the places we've been, things we've done, the good stuff and the bad stuff. We won't claim to be perfect or morally upstanding, we just want to tell our tales truthfully.

In celebration of Halloween we're going to be telling stories about Libby and her ghost sightings, Dana and her drugged candy, me and my scary stories, and a guest appearance by Matt and his near death encounter with a lusting Ram.


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